Bill & Jim's Alaska Trip

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7 July 2005: USA VenturCraft Off-Road Camping/Cargo Trailer on eBay.


July 7
Anchorage to Valdez

Pull-through parking, LR style

Downtown Anchorage

Matanuska Glacier

Toe of the glacier

Stream drain

There's ice under there

There's ice under that dirt

Glacier and mountains

Stream on the glacier

Tunnel in ice

Leaving Anchorage took quite a while, as we had several last-minute stops. At Carr's Supermarket, they had no regular pull-through parking slots (like RVs use). They had concrete dividers in the way, so we just drove it: Pull-through parking Land Rover style!

We finally got on the road and drove back the way we came to the northeast. We ended up at the Matanuska Glacier, where we explored a bit of the glacier. After that, we camped on the moraine at the toe of the glacier.
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