Bill & Jim's Alaska Trip

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7 July 2005: USA VenturCraft Off-Road Camping/Cargo Trailer on eBay.


July 1 - Canada Day
Whitehorse to Anchorage

Kluane Range

Lunch at Kluane Lake

St. Elias Mountains

Nelchina Glacier

Matanuska Glacier

Clean Rover!

Alaska RR Switcher

Alaska RR Station

Alarming sign!

Along the road


Lifted Off!

Leaving Whitehorse, we drove the last little bit of the Alaska Highway in Canada on the eay to Anchorage. Along the way, we could see ranges of the St. Elias Mountains in the distance to the southwest. At first, the Kluane Range came into view. These mountains are not very high, so they have little snow on them now. We stopped for lunch at the shore of Kluane Lake - the largest lake in the Yukon Territory.

Crossing into the U.S. running on fumes, we rolled into a gas station and were thrilled to pay only $1.58 per gallon for fuel (alas, only 87 octane - needed that octane booster). Continuing on towards Anchorage, we saw high mountains (Mt. Sanford - 16,237 feet) and several glaciers.

We arrived in Anchorage and immediately went to the Land Rover dealer (Stepp Brothers Lincoln-Mercury/Land Rover Anchorage) to get the rear window replaced. While they were working, we walked downtown, had lunch and looked around. We went back to the dealer and were surprised to find the price for the repair quite reasonable (I expected everything in Alaska to be much more expensive). Not only that, but they washed 2,000 miles worth of bugs and grime off of it and sprayed that stuff on the BFG Mud-Terrains that made the sidewalls shiny and black!

We had dinner at the Railway Brewing Company in the old Alaska Railroad station. The ARR has built a new office building behind the original station, but still use the old station for embarking passengers. Having heard planes taking off near our motel, we went over to Spenard Lake to watch float planes taking off. There is also a regular runway there and the taxiing planes have the right-of-way on the roads around the lake. You can also look across the lake to Anchorage International Airport and see 747s taking off.
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