1975 FMC Motor Coach

#0839 (T)

ex Denver RTD Transit Bus

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Front of the cabin

Passenger seat and bi-level table









Huge drawers under bed

Reworked electrical panel

AirSensors EFI

Honda generator

New domestic batteries

The previous owners (Gene and Shirley Lutter of Boulder, CO) did an excellent motorhome conversion on this old bus. Apparently, when Shirley first saw it, she had her doubts... But I think the results speak for themselves.

Gene gutted the interior and removed all the middle bus windows, adding some new ones where appropriate. Gene also added a huge outside storage compartment under the couch (just behind the driver's side front wheel). Cutting holes for various compartment doors as well as the roof A/C and vents was a challenge because of the reinforcing 1/8" aluminum sheeting that was welded to the aluminum body 'cage.' The extra sheeting along the sides was added during a recall, but no one is sure about the sheetin in the roof.

Gene built all of the solid oak cabinetry inside. The increased front headroom due to the Transits' "straight" roofline was put to good use with a huge storage/TV area in the front of the coach. Cabinets in the upper corners of the body, as well as many drawers in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, plus closets and cabinets in many other locations makes for quite a bit of storage for a small coach with no basement.

The bedroom features 2 huge drawers under each bed, 2 closets and 2 deep cubby holes that go all the way to the outside walls of the bus. The bed platforms themselves can be pulled up to access the battery charger and inverter (on passenger side) and fuel injection controller and fuel lines/sender (on driver's side).

The kitchen has 4 large drawers under the cooktop, one drawer to the left of those (above the furnace) and 4 small drawers under the end of the counter - facing the door. There is storage above and below the Norcold 3-way refrigerator. We are going to replace the microwave with a combination microwave/convection oven soon - so we can remove the toaster oven. There is a cupboard under the sink, but that is mostly filled with the 50 gal water tank, pump and accumulator.

We have plans to update the seats and couch as well as the headliner (with Silence material). Next is a new pre-fab shower stall with smooth sides. Then a city water tap, etc. etc. Boy, these things are never done, are they?!?

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