Edelbrock Pro-Flo Multi Point EFI System #3509

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Part III: Out With the Old...

AirSensors START system

Throttle Body

Throttle Linkage

Fuel Supply & Return Lines

Coil Mount

Engine Stripped Clean

Passenger's Side

Driver's Side

I took a bunch of pictures before I got started. I figured that would be the best way to ensure that things went back together correctly.

You can see the old AirSensors throttle body, fuel lines and wiring harness. That orange covering on the fuel lines is "Fire Sleeve" - that helps keep the fuel from heating up as it circulates past the injectors and back into the fuel tank. Also in the pictures are the coil mount and throttle linkage. Oops - that throttle linkage anchor isn't going to work with the new manifold - we'll have to fabricate something. That coil mount isn't compatible with the new Accel Super Coil, either...

I thought you might also be interested in a few pictures of the engine stripped of all the covers, intake manifold and gaskets. All nice and clean - ready for new stuff to be installed. You can see the EGR ports in the center of the heads - between the intake ports. These are blocked off on the new manifold. That's what Edelbrock means when they say this system cannot be used on emissions-controlled vehicles.

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