I am the proprietor of Steinborn Pipe Organ Services pipe organ tuning and repair in Fort Collins, Colorado. We maint ain pipe organs along the Front Range in Colorado and in Southern Wyoming, with a specialty in mechanical action instruments.

Some Pipe Organs I've Helped Build

I worked for Visser-Rowland Associates, Inc. in Houston, TX for 6 years.
While there, I was involved with the building of nearly thirty instruments.
These instruments varied in size considerably:
The smallest can be carried in the back of a Suburban.
The largest has a case 52 feet high and 26 feet wide
and has pipes nearly 40 feet long.

Below are photos of some of the more interesting ones.

Here are some more photos of other organs I find interesting.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, Chicago, IL.
This was the first organ I worked on at Visser-Rowland. It is about 25 stops over two manuals (the bottom keyboard is the coupler manual). This organ is placed against the left wall of the nave of the church. There is a large 1928 E. M. Skinner organ in the back gallery.

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Peoria, IL.
This organ sits at an angle to the main axis of the church in a small protrusion built off of the front-left corner of the building. This newly-constructed church is of otherwise traditional pattern, although very fresh and imaginative in its presentation and details.

St. Mary's Cathedral, Cheyenne, WY.
This is a fairly large organ - about 38 stops. The stained glass window behind the organ had to have some of its panels rearranged in order for the figures to be visible over the top of the Swell division.

The Wooddale Church, Eden Prairie, MN.
This is the largest Visser-Rowland organ to date. It has 74 stops and 113 ranks over five manuals. That is a 32' Prinzipal on the facade. There is also a four-manual moveable console that operates via electric pallet pull-downs.

First Presbyterian Church 'The Fish Church', Stamford, CT.
This organ has 52 stops over four manuals. The Fish Church was designed by Wallace K. Harrison and was built in the late 1950s. The church is constructed entirely of concrete and glass. The shape of the church resembles a surfacing whale, hence the name.

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Austin, TX.
This is a smallish four-manual organ. There are about 36 stops. The fourth manual only plays the Trompette en chemade.

First Presbyterian Church, St. Joseph, MO.
This organ has electric action via pull-down magnets on the slider chests. The organ console is on a 'hovercraft' platform: using a blower in the console, the platformed is raised on a cushion of air, allowing the console to be moved effortlessly without marring the nice wooden flooring. The window above the Positiv division is of Tiffany design and manufacture.