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Modifications to my Ducati Monster M900S

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Notice the lack of black bands and stickers on frame

Left profile

RHS of engine: HRT clutch cover

and Poggipolini anodized aluminum bolts

Another view of HRT CF/K clutch cover

Alternator cover (LHS of engine)

Ducati Performance CF side cover

Charcoal canister used to block the view of the spring and shock reservoir.

Tidied-up license plate mount.

License plate may not be level, but at least it's parallel to the reflector!

It has been said that a Ducati is not so much a work of art, but a work in progress... Ducatisti are constantly modifying them in some fashion; some for performance, some for appearance.

I've started with the appearance approach. So far, I have:

The bike is some 15 lbs light for all of these modifications, so it's not just for appearance.

Lots of future items:

Well, it is a work in progress..... *sigh*

Weight Savings

Forza CF Slipons

12 lbs

Remove charcoal canister

1 lb 8 oz

CF Instrument Panel

3 oz

Simplify license plate bracket

10 oz

HRT CF/K clutch cover

12 oz

CF side covers

3 oz

Aluminum bolts

8 oz

Aluminum rear sprocket

12 oz

Aluminum axle nuts


Cycle Cat Rearsets

1 lb 10 oz

Cycle Cat Clip-Ons

5 oz

CRG levers

0 oz

CGR Bar End Mirrors

1 lb 7 oz

Remove engine cover

15 oz

Evoluzione Crankcase Breather

11 oz

Total weight savings

21 lbs 8 oz

Weight distribution (full tank of gas) - F: 215.0 lbs, R: 217.5 lbs, Total: 432.5 lbs