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July 5

Road to Russian village

Docks on Homer Spit

Shingled Motorhome


During breakfast, we heard about a Russian village at the far end of East End Road. After about 20 miles of dirt, we came to the top of a very steep and narrow 4WD road. Following the trail down, we ended up on the beachfront. Driving along the beach, we came to the entrance to the town. All the roads leading into the town were marked 'Private Property' and 'No Trespassing.' Apparently, they want to be left alone, so we retreated. Stopped at the top of the road to take in the view, a truck came up from the village. Out spilled a few women and children, all dressed in traditional Russian costumes and speaking Russian.

Wanting to find out more about these people, we went to the Pratt Museum in Homer. There we found out that these are not old Russian settlers of Alaska, but new believers from Oregon and other places. The Pratt Museum is excellent and has several displays about the local economy, animals and also the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

There are many interesting things to see in Homer, especially on the Homer Spit, where all the boat docks are located. We even saw a wood-shingled motorhome!
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