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1966 Corvair Monza

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We got this Monza the day before Thanksgiving 2002

1966 Corvair Monza coupe

Loaded up for the trip home

On the way home

At home, after cleaning up

Looks like a factory advertisement!

Rear 3/4 view

Love that swell over the rear fenders

View from above

It's a Monza Christmas!

Interior in very nice shape

Metallic turquoise vinyl upholstery!

110 HP dual carburetor engine

110 HP dual carburetor engine

Rust-free trunk, new master cylinder

With mat in bottom

Not quite 23,000 miles yet!

Getting the Christmas Tree

at Horsetooth Reservoir
(bad sun angle)

Click on the thumbnail below to see the "Chassis Broadcast Copy" (build sheet) that I found under the front passenger side carpet (image size = 111K).

Click here for an even bigger image of the build sheet
(image size = 356K).

I've always loved Corvairs - ever since I was a kid. Growing up, there was a man in my neighborhood who had an Early Model (pre 1965) Corvair Monza convertible: red with a white top and red interior. I got a ride in it a few times - that was a blast for a car freak kid!

I'm not exactly sure what prompted my recent "need" for a Corvair, but I started looking on eBay and online classified ads. I'd decided I wanted a '65 or '66 Corvair Corsa - coupe or convertible. The convertible would probably be more fun during warm weather, but frankly, I think the lines of the coupe are cleaner. Of course, the Corsa model was made in far fewer numbers than the Monza...

I Looked at a local 1966 Corsa Turbo convertible. With only about 500 units made that year, that's one of the less common models. While I was willing to take on a 'project' car, that body was more than I was ready for.

So I continued searching the online classfieds, finding lots of neat cars already sold. Shortly after, I found this one - a real gem!

This 1966 Corvair Monza is unusually plain - not only doesn't it have a radio, it doesn't even have a day/night mirror! The only extra-cost item in the car is the under-glove compartment tissue box holder.

Apparently, the original owner was a farmer/car collector in Alliance, Nebraska. This car was driven for several years, then put into dry storage about 1972 with fewer than 23,000 miles on the odometer (shortly after a factory replacement engine was installed - for unknown reasons). With the exception of a rather nasty ding in the trunk lid and another in the passenger door, the car is in exceptional condition. I spent quite a bit of time poking around under it after getting home and it is absolutely solid!

So far, it's had a new fuel pump, new brake master cylinders and wheel cylinders and wheel bearings repacked. The seller tells me the car started right up after putting new gas and an inline fuel filter in it - I guess the original owner stored it correctly, because the carbs were never touched!

Click here to see my Corvair modifications page.
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